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13.01.2015, 10:23 - Piercy - Administrator - 464 Posts
Piercy wrote:

The next Belgium Belgian Lan party x-lan will take place on the 17th - 19th April 2015. Tickets aren't yet on sale but put this date in your diary as its a truely great experience! The main competitions will be League of Legends and CounterStrike : Global Offensive but there will be many smaller competitions such as Trackmania, Fifa, Enemy Territory[,Hearthstone] and poker! This is my 3rd time going and i honestly recommend it for everyone! Visit for more info!

Hi All,

As you've probably read on the front page and above, the next X-LAN party is in April. I wondered if there was any one whos interested? There's potential that i can take a couple people in my car if need be. It would be great to get people on this event. It's probably the closest to a HESS meet up we have managed.

To name a few from HESS it's likely to be me, Appel, Nipples (N!p$), Mido and others from friends of HESS.

I'd really like to get more people on this as its such a great weekend.

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09.02.2015, 17:17 - zeKxa - Administrator - 354 Posts
Cant do it but have fun boys!

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