General ForumAny ET players still out there?

10.06.2013, 04:45 - Rud - Casual - 11 Posts
Hey guys! Just wanted to see if there are any [HESS] ET players still out there that still play OR might wanna play again? I know that most of you play other games etc. I can arrange a fun clan match. If your rusty might wanna practice. Let me know.

11.06.2013, 14:49 - eXo - Casual - 11 Posts
I'll be on, just tell me the server IP ...didn't play for a long time now, would be fun again
12.06.2013, 00:45 - Rud - Casual - 11 Posts
AWESOME!! It is on 2.60 IP: :27960 Its LZ clan server. Pretty cool bunch there and owner says we are all welcome to play there. Throw on some tags and lets go! They would eventually like to do clan match etc in future. CYA there!
15.06.2013, 21:13 - Rud - Casual - 11 Posts
TON of views on this topic! Anyone ever play anymore?? 68 members? No one plays or interested in playing some et?
28.06.2013, 05:50 - Vike - Administrator - 221 Posts - Still people playing - this is the TS server where they can be found:-)

28.06.2013, 22:22 - zeKxa - Administrator - 354 Posts
Vike, im back online, computer is repaired wink

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30.06.2013, 21:46 - Kirej - - 27 Posts
count me in !

02.07.2013, 13:18 - Cheesie - Addict - 145 Posts
Will hop on ts sometime


06.07.2013, 23:56 - dragon - Neophyte - 5 Posts
i would but ET messed up my computer so i uninstalled it but I play a lot of call of duty so any1 on black ops 2

07.07.2013, 00:31 - dragon - Neophyte - 5 Posts
got rid of a old mod on minecraft and got ET back see you guys on the server im makeing a new acount
07.07.2013, 16:12 - PwnLif - Casual - 16 Posts
Hi guys!

i started to play ET again. I play like pokemon+/low- lol....

also i play Killing floor and dota2.
if u guys are interested in i would like to scrim again.
09.07.2013, 17:57 - Rud - Casual - 11 Posts
14.07.2013, 14:26 - sparc - Neophyte - 2 Posts
*The ONE* plays on RC server
and he has a pretty decent ping in there.

This server is very similar in settings when compared to the old SG NQ HESS server you used to have. I used to be regular back in day.

Would love to see you all play on this server.
27.09.2014, 20:09 - Unforgiven - Neophyte - 1 Posts
hey rude unforgiven here you speak whit me in tm server. i was thinking mabey reborn amused clan smiling old time was it great