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zrvan zeKxa Piercy200sx
HESS eSports is reforming.
Since ET declined HESS has not been able to keep the original value on which is was started. I have discussed this with several senior members, it is agreed, we have decided to keep HESS eSports as a Gaming Community rather than a clan.
The website will stay, teamspeak will stay, IRC will stay and we hope that the members will stay. What will change is the servers and tags.

The HESS tag is now optional and HESS member are free to engage with any other gaming clans and wear any tags.
What we want is for HESS to be a place where we can continue to chat on the site and in TS while online or while gaming.

// ET
The servers will close but I hope we can still arrange the occasional scrim. Players can choose to wear HESS tags or other clan tags. Switzerland zeKxa will still provide a private war server (and IRC bouncers).

// Quake Live
Is the only currently active team. As it needs no servers to continue there are 2 options:
1. Keep playing as HESS team.
2. Be adopted by another clan.
Players can choose to wear HESS tags or other clan tags. It is for United Kingdom Piercy and the team to decide, I can help if the team wants to play under another clan tag.

// COD
The servers will close. Players can choose to wear HESS or other clan tags.

// Trackmania
The servers will close.Players can choose to wear HESS or other clan tags.

// WOW Infernum
There is no need to change anything from the current situation.

In real terms there is almost no change from what the current state has been in recent times. Its just more official now.
HESS has a strong heart but there is nobody with the time available right now to make anything else happen. I could just walk away and let it fade away so this is how we intend to keep it for now.
I hope you will all continue to use HESS as part of your online gaming / chatting / piss taking / drunken singing lives. Use it to arrange games, scrims etc. Please continue to post all that shit that makes you laugh.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated, post in the forums please.

This is not a final and permanent change but it will stay until it needs to change again.

written by Stringer 28.02.2011 - 20:46

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