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HESS Black Ops online!
You may have already heard but HESS eSports now has a Netherlands Call Of Duty: Black Ops server. Its a mixed hardcore server cos it's just how we roll here at hess. Want to come play with us? Come join us at: Also, if you really are a truly hardcore player, why not come and join us on Teamspeak: eurots3.gameservers.com:9116 (or click the TS monitor on the left).

And if your not a black ops player why dont you come and join us on one of our many other games?

United Kingdom Call of Duty: World at war:
European Union QuakeLive: add United Kingdom Piercy (or pm/teamspeak me)

Avid racing fans should come join us on Trackmania. Our servers are based in the Germany Germany > HESSE > Frankfurt region. Search HESS or speak to Denmark Vike .

Last but not the least our WoW guys, also known as European Union Infernum. They raid 3-5 times a week and are very guild orientated and friendly bunch. If you would like to join Infernum please apply above. If you just want a friendly chat join us on TS or speak to Appel.

Just to finish off, HESS eSports runs all these servers free of charge to it's members and visitors. If you like us, our servers or are just a nice guy, please stick some money in our donation tin by clicking the paypal donation button (at the top). Donations help keep hess going and every last penny goes into improving our game, voice and web servers.

written by Piercy 02.02.2011 - 09:25

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#1 by mosisi 17.09.2012 - 07:08
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In 1914, the First World War began the military of every country release the importance of "Free hand" curren watchs, then people like the wristwatches.

In 1926, invent the first self-winding wristwatch, from 1960, the tradition round watches also popular all over the world. So the Swiss improved the Curren Watches, added the functions of chronograph, calendar, tour billon and self-winding to the Swiss imitation watches.

In 1952, America, France and Swiss produced the first digital watch. In 1967, the centre of Neuchatel digital Brand Watches produced the first quartz watch, and in 1970 produced it for a large quantity.

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