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  • About us
HESS eSports are the legacy of the 'Hess brothers' who got fed up with poorly managed Wolfenstein ET servers. HESS members want fun servers with good admins. HESS originates from California USA and is now run from Europe. The original leaders were J and USA Rud (family name Hess). United Kingdom Stringer is the Clan leader although total control of various functions is delegated to senior members. We started as a Wolf:ET clan and now play several games. See our Squads page for the list of games we are currently active in.

Anyone can join HESS eSports, however the joining process is selective. Firstly we will not invite anyone to join until we know them and secondly we are never in a rush to recruit. Joining is by invitation only and asking to join while we are playing is the best way to piss us off! The best way to join HESS is to play on HESS servers regularly (and it helps to chat to us on teamspeak). Great game skills are not very important but good teamwork is.

HESS eSports Recognized

We've recently been recognized by the team at a website called Pokerlistings.com. They are currently working on a campaign to promote online gaming communities and we've been selected because we offer all our users the ability to connect with each other in order to both play and chat. We'd like to say thanks for the positive feedback.

- If you are new to HESS eSports, why not register now to get full access?